Welcome to my website.

Welcome to my new home page. It begins with a focus on the new book The Boy Who Slept Under the Stars: A Memoir in Poetry, published by Holy Cow! Press, September, 2012.

This new book emerged from the journal writing I did after my brother, Lloyd H. Skelton, disappeared in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness in 2005. Even though many people searched for him, they never found his body. How does one mourn without a body? The poems and prose poems express and explore this question. While writing about his life and my own grief, I found myself writing about other missing people, and they became part of the book as well.

I'll keep here a list public readings and update it, so you can check back for readings later in the fall. I'm also including two poems from the book (see below), as well as excerpts from readers' comments.

To order the book, go to:

Holy Cow! Press (http://www.holycowpress.org/)

Amazon.com paperback
Amazon.com ebook

or ask your local independent bookstore to order it.

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